How ParJar protects your coins

We use the Crypto Currency Security Standards (CCSS) benchmarks to shape the continuing security protocols at Parachute Wallet.

Private account security

ParJar does not collect, store, require, or access personal private keys in any way to interact with the Parachute wallet. Please do not ever share your private keys with anyone.

Keep yourself safe

ParJar is meant as a lightweight tip bot used to share coins with friends. It is not a bank  and not meant to be a longterm storage for funds. We recommend using cold-storage wallets to secure large quantities of coins, investments, and other funds that are not being actively used to share with friends. If you're looking for wallet, check out ETHOS.

Security support

We are here to help. If you need support, or have questions regarding security please email and we will assist you. 

Responsible disclosure

If you are a security researcher and would like to report a vulnerability that you have discovered, we have an extensive bounties program with a wide scope of security focused bounties. Contact us at for more information.

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